ugvm Podcast Episode 1 – Follow-up

As promised in the podcast, I have produced images of my Freedom Wars character before and after working off my prison sentence and becoming a fully-fledged second-class citizen. Spoiler warning for the game applies here.

This is the image of Naota Mikami (callsign “Indispensable”) in her Type-88 Military field clothing, suitable for urban combat in glorious service to her Panopticon. Note the surveillance image from her cell, which shows the years remaining on her sentence in a handy floating superimposed image over her head.

Here’s Naota having worked off her sentence. In-game, your congratulatory cut scene provides you with the excuse for not being relocated, that all the citizen-level housing is occupied and nobody has died yet in order to vacate a space. So for now, you have to continue living in your crummy prison cell that has an entire TV screen for a wall.

I do not have a screen capture of my rap sheet, which is the image that’s shared with others online in multiplayer mode. You can choose one of many different poses to communicate whatever emotional state suits your style of play, and in many of the poses you’re holding up a placard that has some of your stats on it. In the pose I’ve chosen, it looks like she’s covering up her bikini top.