Posting Traditions

Play Want Bin

The origins of this thread can be traced back to 1998 in the futuregamer forums, it was then exported to & after many console wars has finally found its resting place in UGVM.  Every Monday, the PWB thread is started by whoever a) remembers and b) gets there first. Of the hilarity when two or more people start rival threads within minutes of each other!

The purpose of the thread is to round up (and this is difficult to work out from the title, we know) what you’re currently playing, what you currently want, and what you’re currently binning. Easy, right? Here’s an example:

Nobody’s done one yet and it’s after midday! So here goes:


Gran Turismo 3 (PS2) – 74.8% complete! It will be done!
Ridge Racer Revolution (PS1) – Far, FAR harder than any other RR game.
UT2004 (PC) – Loving it big styleeee!
Sega Swirl (DC) – Started playing this with a mate at 9pm on Saturday.
Stopped at 4am! Amazing.


SB: LoC (XBox) out on Friday, should be fun.
100% on GT3!!!


NBA/NFL/NHL2K3 because there’s never been a single person other than me


Note that the title of the thread generally changes from week to week, to stop it from being tagged onto the previous week’s thread on Google Groups. Sometimes the date is added, sometimes the words are translated into other languages, and other times other words that start with “P”, “W” and “B” are used instead. Oh, we love our jolly japery in ugvm, we do.

Tuesday A-Z

Each Tuesday, the letter that follows the previous Tuesday’s letter is used as the basis for discussion on games that start with that letter. To start with, people generally just post lists of games they like that start with The Letter, and the the fun starts! Or not. EASY, YES?

Of course, you need to know your alphabet (which at least two regular posters on the group may have difficulty with), and you need to know how to spell (which, frankly, we all struggle with).

This “tradition” is currently dormant.

Mid-Week Challenge

Every Wednesday, sort of… the MWC thread is started the same way as the PWB thread and PWG thread.

It works like this; You set yourself one or more personal challenges to complete by the following week. For example, you may have given up on a game because you got stuck on a certain level. You would make it a MWC to complete that level by the following Wednesday. You might want to try and reach a certain goal within a week, either to complete the game or just get a certain achievment. With a MWC you get slightly more incentive to do so if you can report success back to the group the following week, it’s either that or admit you are a miserable failure! Anotherexample:

So, how did you all do?

Last week

Complete mission 23 of Advance Wars: Dual Strike’s campaign mode. Only
two missions this week, but that’s because they’re quite hard now.

Success! But only just – I completed it yesterday. Although I’ve been
playing quite a lot of the other modes too, so it’s not that I’ve been
struggling. Got my first ever B-rank, though, which was disappointing
(as readers of my Gaming Diary will know)

Get Sammi into the Nintendogs Disc Competition Championship. I’ve got
to beat a very high score in the Master Class. But she’s been training
in the park, and often runs stright back now without the need for me to
call her.

Success! But I got sent straight back down. 43 points? That’s insane!

Four levels of Sonic Heroes. It’s taken me around a year and a half and
a week to do six …

Success! I did five levels, in fact – including this really odd one
with Amy trying to fight me for some reason, where she just jumped over
me and off the platform, resulting in instant win for me.

So, I am the winnar.

This Week

Complete mission 25 of Advance Wars: Dual Strike. Two more missions.
I’m wondering how many there are …

Progress to the next level of Halo. I can’t remember where I am, but I
ought to try and complete this some day.

Return to Pokemon Sapphire, before I completely forget where I am.

Tim ™

Although MWC was originaly intended to be weekly, it makes a slightly more sporadic appearance and gets a revival every couple of months. Like PWB and PWG the thread title is altered each time, but will always have the initials MWC in there somewhere.

Planned Weekend Gaming

This Friday Fun Fread activity is somewhat similar to Play Want Bin, only with three alterations:

  1. You tell everyone what you’re planning on playing at the weekend (who’d have thought?)
  2. No Wants
  3. No Bins

It first appeared in 2004, with this post – although that was a PGW rather than an PWG.