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How can you access ugvm and join in with our discussions? is a Usenet group, think of it a bit like a website forum, except that it’s a lot older and much better! You can read all about what Usenet is here if you want more information about it:

The preferred way to access Usenet is to use a client program like Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Forte Agent, Newsbin or any from the list below:

You will need to configure the software for a Usenet account. Some ISPs already offer Usenet accounts, much like you get an email account, it’s worth checking with your ISP to find out if they do. If you do not have a Usenet account then you can create a free text-based account from Eternal September.

Alternativley, if you would prefer to pay for your Usenet account or want access to binary groups (where pictures and files can be posted) then you can use a service such as or It should be noted you will only need a text based account to access ugvm as binaries are not permitted.

Once you have your account, you then need to configure the software with the Usenet server settings & your account details.

See this help article from Thunderbird:

Usenet can also be accessed via the World Wide Web, to do this the easiest way is to use Google Groups, a direct link to ugvm is below:!forum/

This is a great way to “test the water”, but the experience is restricted and most people would reccomend setting up a proper Usenet reader if you plan to join for any length of time.

We hope to welcome you to ugvm soon, we are always happy to see new faces. Just make sure you abide by the charter and everyone will get along fine!