Celeste (Switch): COMPLETED!

I’ve seen a lot of people praise Celeste since it came out. Many of them saying it’s the best of the “stupidly difficult platformer” genre, which is presumably also populated with games like VVVVVV, Super Meat Boy and … [Continue reading]

Celeste (Switch): COMPLETED!

No, not the same game again. You see, the game Celeste that most people know, and the one I completed already, isn’t the original Celeste. No, that’s a PICO-8 game which I’ve played before on my PocketChip handheld. I think I … [Continue reading]

Toripon (PC): COMPLETED!

You have to find and take photos of all the birds in a flat. I found, and took photos of, all the birds in a flat. And some other things, some of which it seems you need to take photos of in order to unlock more birds. I’m not sure what else … [Continue reading]

30: Ryo’s Dirty Pocket

It's Christmas and so we've a Christmas episode. Which isn't very festive. But it only needs to be at Christmas to be Christmassy, right? Right. This episode, deKay, Kendrick, Toby and Zo somehow manage to talk about things which aren't Shenmue … [Continue reading]

Pokémon Sword (Switch): COMPLETED!

It’s another Pokémon game, and yes, it’s very much like all the others. In fact, it’s probably more like the slightly older games, like X and Y, rather than Sun and Moon as it returns to the gym setup those games had and Sun/Moon … [Continue reading]

29: Poundshop Garfield

Oh would you look at that - turns out deKay wasn't lost after all, and he's back at the helm this episode. Isn't that great/awful depending on your tastes. This episode, deKay, Toby and Zo are joined by special guests Mike Daw and Charlie … [Continue reading]

Rolling Thunder 2 (MD): COMPLETED!

I’m not sure I’ve ever played this before, but I was always a big fan of the original game in the arcades. I was a little worried it wouldn’t be any good, because of both being a sequel and the passage of time, but I needn’t … [Continue reading]

Mega-lo-Mania (MD): COMPLETED!

Time passed, and so I decided to play Mega-lo-Mania again. This time, I completed it on my new RetroFlag GPi – the thing that looks like a Game Boy but houses a Raspberry Pi. I played as Madcap, and once again (see previous posts) I reached … [Continue reading]

Assemble With Care (iOS): COMPLETED!

Another nice little Apple Arcade game. This time, you’re a repair woman who is trying to make some money while visiting a town for some festival or other. You seem to be able to turn your hand to repairing everything, and despite having turned … [Continue reading]

Possessions (iOS): COMPLETED!

This is a little puzzle game where you’re give a 3D view of a room with some objects hanging in midair. The idea is to rotate the camera in such a way that the items appear to be in the correct place – flowers on a window ledge, taps on a … [Continue reading]