Undertale (Vita): COMPLETED!

When I first became aware of Undertale, with its Earthbound type quirkiness and spare any foe mechanic, I immediately wanted it. The problem was, like many indie games, it wasn’t available outside of PC and Mac platforms. As I rarely play games … [Continue reading]

What Remains of Edith Finch (PS4): COMPLETED!

Spoiler free bit: Firstly, there are some great toilets in the game. I feel that needs to be said because although there was an inevitability I’d buy the game anyway, I was tipped off about them and it just made me want it more. One of them … [Continue reading]

Passpartout: The Starving Artist (Mac): COMPLETED!

Ah, the life of a French artist, living off his art, being French. Literally being some sort of frog like a racist stereotype. In Passpartout, you are this frog painter, and it’s your actual art that you sell. Well, I say art. With tools even … [Continue reading]

Blaster Master Zero (Switch): COMPLETED!

You know my post from a couple of days ago where I said I was going to concentrate on a couple of games from the Christmas Game Pile? Well, I ignored that and started – and completed – Blaster Master Zero instead. I’d previously … [Continue reading]

Battlefield 1 (PS4) – Completed

Off to a good start on the 52 game challenge, Battlefield 1 completed. Some of the campaign missions were difficult especially The Runner missions where I was playing that section wrong and trying to kill the enemies on route when you simply had to … [Continue reading]

Currently Playing, January 2017

As an alternative to a catchup post, here’s a catchup post. Only it’s more to declutter my game playing mind after a flurry of new games obtained over the Jesus Birthday Period. Got that? Right. So for Christmas I got four Switch games … [Continue reading]

52 Games in a year

I spent way too much time last year enjoying films instead of playing video games, I am going to try and reverse that this year by playing more video games in fact I am going to try for 52!This is going to be almost impossible looking at the number … [Continue reading]

2017 Review inc Game of the Year

It has been a pretty bad year for gaming with only 14 games completed (excluding DLC)Lego Star Wars - The Force Awakens (PS4)Destiny - Rise of Iron DLC (PS4)Tiny Rails (iOS)World of Final Fantasy (PS4)Tiny Troopers (PS4)Costume Quest 2 (PS4)Firewatch … [Continue reading]

Stardew Valley (Switch): COMPLETED!

In theory, Stardew Valley could go on forever. However, it gets to a stage where there’s very little left to achieve and so, fun aside, no point in carrying on. I’m not quite where I would want to stop playing just yet, but I do feel that … [Continue reading]

Splatoon 2 (Switch): COMPLETED!

I am fully aware that the main point of Splatoon 2 is the online component. In fact, I’m sure – like I was with the first game – that the single player mode exists simply because Nintendo has a “Single Player Mode” box … [Continue reading]