Champ Man – League One Champions

Bring on the championship !!
After winning the League One title on my first attempt the board have set me an easy target to avoid relegation.

With my squad of 60+ ability players I don't think that will be too difficult but I will need to delve into the transfer market to purchase a few 70+ ability players. The board have given me 3 Million to spend, I think a strong defence & keeper is a must so I will look for a 70+ keeper & defenders.

Champ Man – Oxford vs Swindon

The home game earlier in the season was a close 2-2 draw. But the away game was an easy 2-0 win that leaves Swindon struggling at the bottom half of the table.

Since starting my managerial career with OUFC one player has been an amazing revelation. Scottish attacking midfielder Leven.

Only a few more matches to go till the end of the season. I'm easily going to win the League One title with a 5 point lead over Leyton Orient already & only 4 games left to play.

Champ Man – Oxford United

Champ Man is a free iOS game with in-app purchases. I have happily been playing the game with no need to purchase the in game credits at all. I have managed to sign some players with 60+ ability to build a very good squad.
Oxford United are the League Two champions easily beating Gillingham to the title.

The highlight of the season was beating local rivals Wycombe 4-7 away.

When you start the game you cannot start with a premier league club unless you pay for an in app purchase. So instead of choosing Liverpool I decided to start my managerial career with Oxford United instead.

It's been a great start taking Oxford to league one & currently I am top of the league just winning a title decider against Leyton Orient.

Hopefully I can finish the season strong & take Oxford into the championship.