Completed – Mafia 3 (PS4)

Not posted in a while, I'm still gaming & completing lots of games!

Just look at this list! 36 Games completed! I have been forgetting to add mobile games that I have played in the past.


Mafia 3 finished this weekend, driving is real fun in this gmae & it has no fast travels points which I liked. Set in the 1960s with racial tensions & gang violence you play as Lincoln Clay who returns from a tour in Vietnam to the city of New Bordeaux.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is out soon so I will be spending a lot of time on that otherwsie it is a lot of Fifa 19 with a little bit of Horzion Turbo Chase & Infamous Second Son.

Fifa 16 – Getting ready for TOTY packs

After finishing Fallout 4 I've gone back to playing Fifa & FUTdraft to collect packs for the TOTY team release this weekend, I've got 12 packs at the moment waiting to open in the hope I can get one TOTY player.

I usually play FUTdraft with the boys and to make it more interesting we are now choosing our selections by blind picks (picking a number & see who we get). This has resulted in some dreadful choices like John Terry, Shane Long or a horrible formation like 5221.

Scored a lovely volley with Hulk, wish me luck for the weekend for a TOTY player.

Fifa 16 – Philippe Coutinho

Fifa is my default goto game if I only have a short amount of time to play, it's perfect for a quick match.

I've now completed my Liverpool team having purchased Daniel Sturridge & I am now concentrating on upgrading my Barclays Premier League team with 80+ rated players, two recent additions include Theo Walcott & Raheem Sterling. A quick video showing a lovely flick by Coutinho to go past a defender & score.

Fifa 16 (PS4) – Steven Gerrard

Not had much time for gaming, the odd session of Little Big Planet 3 with the Claptrap Boys or the odd game of Fifa 16 Ultimate Team. Gerrard is much cheaper to purchase now that he is older & slower but he is still the central midfielder & captain of my team.

Need to get back to playing MGSV but I need a longer time window so I can sit down and enjoy for a couple of hours.

New Game – Fifa 16 (PS4)

I've not played a fifa game since 13 so it was a long overdue return to ultimate team. I'm posting this new game post very late because I've been playing the game since release & now have a English 442 Bronze, Silver & Gold Squad. I've started to create my Liverpool squad but some of the players like Sturridge are very expensive to purchase.

I'm saving up my coins at the moment to buy Steven Gerrard, I used to just focus on the cups in Fifa 13 but I've started on the seasons mode this time to see how far I can get.

For now enjoy a couple more cracking goals below.

Fifa – Scissor Kick Goal

Highlighting a video that my son has uploaded to his youtube challenge of an amzing goal he scored at the weekend whilst playing Fifa.

I've not played a Fifa game since 13, we are on a 2 yearly Fifa cycle so I will be buying Fifa 16 on release. Most likely I will get hooked again into playing the ultimate team mode.