Grand Theft Auto V (PS4): COMPLETED!

I started it about a year ago, but after around 15 hours play GTAV was put away because I bought a Nintendo Switch. And Zelda happened. And then I thought actually getting back into GTA would be hard and I’d have no idea what I was doing any more. A few weeks ago, however, I gave it a go and was sucked back in.

My aim was to just concentrate on the story. A lot of fun is to be had in GTA games just messing around, doing the side missions, or (my favourite) Taking A Bike Where A Bike Shouldn’t Go, but my priority was to get the main missions done to clear the game off my backlog. And that’s what I did, although often it was difficult to tell what was a main mission and what was a side mission. Sometimes the mission “trail” went cold, and I’d have to do some other tasks before I was back on the path.

There’s not a lot to say about the game that hasn’t be said elsewhere, not least because it’s pretty old now. What I found, however, was that it was really rather good, but it’s too big. There’s too much in here. You can’t mark it down for that, but for me, so much of it was wasted. Case in point: in the end credits I saw a golf course. Did I see a golf course in the game? No. Can you play on it? It seems yes. Wasted.

Oh ho. Did you see what I did there.

Mechanically, the game is fine. I pressed the wrong buttons hundreds of times because there are so many and they change function depending what you’re doing, but that’s mostly my fault. I never managed to find a camera position when driving that I was completely happy with, but I coped.

Importantly, the story is pretty good. I’m not convinced that in any real world, Michael, Trevor and Frankin would ever even give each other the time of day let alone cooperate on a massively dangerous bank heist, but it sort of works in the game. Where the story isn’t perfect, the characters are. They’re excellent.

I suppose to summarise, it’s not perfect, there’s a lot more I could do (but probably won’t), it was fun, funny, varied and I enjoyed it. It’s no Vice City, but then nothing is.

Anyway. Here are some videos:

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GTAV – Racing or in my case crashing

I stupidly decided to take part in the RLLMUK GTA V Race League. It was as expected a difficult start I find the cars just pinball around when you crash & this is where I lose a lot of positions. I'm much better with bikes although I do occasionally hit the traffic. Having not done many races, knowing the track layout takes a while to learn, currently there is a limited option on the races so I started off poorly finishing 8th, 9th or DNF but came back with a 6th & a close 5th finish just pipping Saint at the last race. Points are only awarded to the top 6 finishers so thankfully I got a few points on the board.

With the PS4 arriving soon I won't get much chance to practice before next week's meeting but hopefully the experience of the tracks will help me out to try and get a few more 5th or 6th place finishes. I now also know that to fire rockets you need to press the left click on the stick so at least I can now shoot these Mario Kart style.

GTAV – Survival

I've finally found my favourite mode in GTA online. Survival mode is just like gears of war horde mode where wave of enemies come & attack. You get ten seconds in between waves to run around & pick up health/ammo.

I think you need to be at level 15 to unlock the mode but I was playing with Hakk & Gus who are in the mid twenties. My character is still on level 13 but after a good session yesterday evening in which I also won my first race on motorbikes, parachuted a faceplant into the ground & just missed out on a 2nd place finish in a mini race, I earned 16K.

Thanks to RLLMUK I also now understand what I was doing wrong with the Simeon car quests. I was taking them to my garage to run away from the cops & that would put a tracker on them, not sure if you can remove trackers or not? Will check when next online.

Who needs to worry about next gen consoles when current gen is so much fun.

GTA V – $500K Stimulus Package

Apart from the UGVM PMG session I have not really touched the game. I'm still thinking about if I should play the single player or not but for now I am ignoring that & focusing on just the online part of the game.

Thanks to the $500K stimulus package from Rockstar, I went shopping for an apartment & purchased 3 Atla St, Apt 57 Downtown Los Santos, Los Santos for $223K.

It also comes with a 10 car garage which I have started to fill up already.

I did not want to venture into the online world without really getting to know the controls & have a good feel for the game. So I started an invite only mode which is essentially a private mode (this is initiated from the single player section of the game, by pressing start & going to online).

I have done a few single player missions which reward you with a bit of cash & some experience points. Simeon keeps sending me text messages on vehicles he wants me to get for him but when I get these vehicle's I am not sure where to deliver them? I need to practice more on how to best evade cops. At the moment I am driving back to my garage & that seems to get the cops of my back.

Not quite sure what else there is to do, certainly not much for the single player so will venture out into the online world to fail miserably at racing, crash when flying a plane or helicopter & miss all the checkpoints when doing a parachute jump.

GTA V – Don’t be afraid to try new things

Yes the language is atrocious but nothing more so than in an adult movie. After playing the single player tutorial I jumped into the online world to start another tutorial. Once that was completed I finally managed to join the UGVM Rebels.

We started off with some races on motorbikes both on which I got pipped by Hakk & Luffers at the line. Then some car racing which I was dreadful at, a mission to collect some drugs & drop it off at a location which I promptly died instantly but we completed on the second attempt with me being the getaway driver.

We then moved onto a parachute jump which I totally messed up followed by a BMX race in which I just got off the bike & started shooting at Luffers & Hakk. We then drove to another mission & along the way I decided to knick Luffers car whilst he was shopping for ammo, after Luffers got his revenge, Hakk gave me lift in his convertible mini to the meeting point. I promptly then died by the gunmen whilst jumping over a wall, deciding to go for a more stealthier approach with a pistol?! I then climbed to the top of an industrial complex only to fall to my death, Luffers then went & completed the mission on his own.

We finished up the evening with a round of golf, I am not a fan of the GTA games because of the violence, language & sexual content in excessive nature but the online playground is very good fun & one I will be revisiting again & again during my last year of my live subscription.