Guitar Hero Live (PS4): COMPLETED!

As in, the main mode completed. As in, all the tracks unlocked, played and finished in each of the festival sets.

Things that I liked about this version of Guitar Hero: The new fret button layout is actually better than the old one.

Things that I didn’t like about this version of Guitar Hero: Most of the other stuff.

The tracklist is terrible. Yes, GHTV sort of makes up for it with it’s constant stream of mostly poor quality (and wrong aspect ratio) music videos, but even the music catalogue here isn’t a patch on previous games in the series. There are some big names – but not their best, biggest, most guitar-y tracks. It’s very disappointing.

Also, in GHTV mode, the controls seem to be very unresponsive. I didn’t have a single issue in Live mode (the “story” mode), but strums often failed to register on GHTV. The guitar completely disconnected once!

It only cost me £15 so I’m not too bothered by all the negatives, and there’s enough good in it to make it worth that much anyway.

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Guitar Hero – Streak

I finally managed to get a 100+ streak, still playing on easy difficulty the next target is to get 100% on the notes.

But my daughter is very good at the game & has ramped up the difficulty to medium/hard already with an amazing 212 streak !!

Guitar Hero – Rock ON !!

The Wii U is backwards compatible with Wii games & thus I have spent approx £100 purchasing 35 wii games. One of the purchases came with Guitar Hero World Tour & the guitar.

I have never played any of the music games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band. My first experience was at last years UGVM meet & I was really bad.

A chance to try again & after a few attempts on easy mode we were hitting 90%+ accuracy.

Linkin Park - What I've Done or Michael Jackson - Beat It seem to be the songs of choice, with Mohnster having the highest score on Linkin Park at the moment with 38K.

The next step now is to try and source a second guitar & the drum set along with a few of the other guitar hero games to enjoy.

Quite a few years late but the music genre has reached the Khan household, ROCK ON !!