Lost Cities – TENs

What to play? Too many big numbers including all the 10s

Lost Cities – Lost Cities Master

Finally completed all the single player challenges to become a Lost Cities Master.

The last challenge of not having a single card in the discard pile prove especially difficult especially against the CPU player.

Lost Cities – Coin Cards

When playing against the CPU in Lost Cities there are various goals the game sets for you to try and get. I have been stuck on level 6 for quite a while now trying to complete the top goal of 'winning a game playing at least 6 coins cards'.

I completed that goal today winning the match by playing seven coin cards.

To complete this goal depends on what cards you get drawn at the start of the game, I was lucky to get two red coin cards & a blue to start the match.

Finally beating the CPU 72 to -9

Lost Cities – New High Score – 149 !!

Totally smashed my previous Lost Cities high score of 95 with 149 on a game against Luffers.

Getting two +20 bonus points on the Blue & Yellow helped & concentrating on just three colours to maximise the score.

I can't see me beating 149 for a long time.

Lost Cities – New High Score

New high score at the weekend against Arkham24601, 95 points.

Also taking this opportunity to gloat a recent win against Luffers with a difference of +105 !!