TV – What I’m watching?

Currently I'm watching the following shows

Doctor Who - Hoping Capaldi takes the role into a more serious note.

Person of Interest - Very apt in the light of PRISM

Sherlock - The new series with Benedict Cumberbatch is must watch TV.

Hell on Wheels - Western series about the construction of the US railroad.

Game of Thrones - Dragons, Wars & the White Walkers are coming !!

Mentalist - Jane is a psychic and after getting revenge on Red John he has now joined the FBI.

Sons of Anarchy - The trials & tribulations of a motorcycle club in the town of Charming.

Justified - Starring Timothy Olyphant who done a great job on Deadwood plays the part of a Kentucky sheriff.

Walking Dead - Zombies, zombies & more zombies !!

Arrow - Superhero shooting um ... arrows?

Big Bang Theory - The best comedy show since The IT Crowd.

Grimm - Just started watching this recently it's about supernatural beings and an investigate cop who can see them.

Revolution - Annoyingly has been cancelled after Season 2, I've watched Season 1 so will continue watching.

Rectify - After spending years on death row, Daniel is let out & returns to his hometown. This is really good the first series was only six episodes but I enjoyed it.

I've watched  a lot of tv series over the years Breaking Bad & Deadwood were amazing, Lost I got  um lost..? Fawlty Towers & IT Crowd are brilliantly funny but nothing annoys me more than when the US TV networks don't renew a series I am enjoying like Revolution, Jericho, Pushing Daisies, Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles, Stargate Universe & of course X-Files. This is why I usually never watch a new TV series until I know it has been renewed for Season 2. I wish the US networks would give a show they want to cancel a six episode final season run to tie up loose ends.