Shopping List 2016

With E3 over I now have a better idea of what is coming out the rest of this year so my provisional shopping list below.

Lego Star Wars Force Awaken (Pre-ordered)
Played the recently released demo & my youngest enjoyed it. I've not played a Lego game since Undercover on the WiiU & before that it was the original Star Wars games on the PS2 so probably long overdue another dose of Lego.

I am Setsuna - Lovely old school JRPG by Squeenix, From the couple of videos I have seen of E3 reaction it plays similar to Chrono Trigger so no random battles.

Abzu - Think Journey but underwater with hopefully another great soundtrack by Austin Wintory
No Man's Sky - Game of the year, can't wait. I think I will be playing this for years. Day one, once I can find a competitively priced pre-order.
Deus Ex Mankind Divided - Already pre-ordered I've not seen any of the E3 footage, enjoyed the previous game enough to know I will be buying this on release, media blackout on this now.

X-Com 2 - Finally coming to consoles can't wait to get stuck in. The previous game I started on the 360 but it got left to one side until it was given away on PS+ on the PS3. I loved it once you get stuck in the strategy & tactics are brilliant fun.

Dragon Quest Builders - JRPG & Minecraft come together this is going to be good? Right?

Nov to Dec
Nothing at the moment which is probably ok the above will keep me busy for a while.

Fallout 4 – Oh! Why Not?

Splurge – Shadow of Mordor

Splurge YTD £50

I've been keeping an eye out for this game over the festive period to drop to £25 & purchased this morning.

It's been given game of the year award by quite a few gaming sites & I'm looking forward to experiencing the 'Nemesis' system.

I've gone over my limit of five PS4 games now with already Infamous Second Son, MGSV Ground Zero, Metro Redux, AC Unity, Dragon Age Inquisition sat on the shelf.

I don't think there is any other retail PS4 game that I'm tempted to purchase (famous last words) until Batman Arkham Knight so hopefully the above will keep me gaming for the next six months & MGSV Ground Zero is really only an hour long demo so that will bring me back down to my limit of five. I'm not really counting Destiny or Fifa 14 which seem to have taken up residence on the gaming shelf.

Splurge – Dragon Age Inquisition

Splurge Total YTD £25

I lost track of my Splurge last year, so a few days into the new year & I've spent £25 on Dragon Age Inquisition for the PS4.

Not sure when I will get round to playing it with Infamous SS, Metro Redux, AC Unity & MGS Ground Zeroes still to enjoy but I'm sure Abbas will enjoy it for now.