The Walking Dead – New Frontier (PS4) – Completed

Telltale do know how to make a good story & season 3 of the Walking Dead is just as good as the previous seasons. Some surprises along the way & a nice cameo from a character from the tv show.

Game #2 completed & the next game is Assassin's Creed Origins.

Weekly Update – Gold !!

Straight to No Man's Sky what else?

I love it ! Finally found a planet with some gold !

Hallelujah !!

I'm still plodding along naming star systems after my history tab & planets after games. Altered Beast was a bit toxic but gold !

I also completed Walking Dead Michonne, It's a nice three episode series albeit a bit too predictable.

Not much to report on Pokemon Go, finally caught a Jynx but I missed out on catching a Venomoth so now have another pokemon to find and catch.

Had a decent run on Clash Royale now up to 1900 trophies.

Short & sweet for this week. Not played much Destiny for a while will wait for the new content to arrive until then focus on finishing off Lego Star Wars.

Weekly Update – PinkyPinkSam

I've been spending a bit of time with my daughters creating content for their shared youtube channel, thanks to twitch it's very easy to record gameplay & then upload to youtube. The video above shows some Towerfall Ascension gameplay but we have also made videos on Tricky Towers, Goat Simulator, Minecraft & a Let's play series on Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens.

They enjoy making them & I'm happy to help out when I can.

I've gone back to playing Pokemon Go thanks to a few days out at locations that were covered in pokestops I now have over 200+ pokeballs. Finally caught a Jynx & only missing a Rhyhorn. Current pokedex stats are 66 caught & 67 seen.

With the girls wanting to play Clash Royale with their cousins & not knowing everyone in the UGVM clan I decided it was safer to make a new clan where the kids can all play together against each other. This will disadvantage me in the number or donations/card requests but I'm ok with that, it will give the kids a chance to catch me up & level up their towers & cards.

Had a good session with No Man's Sky yesterday I've now jumped to my 2nd system spent a bit of time in the space station, found a nice small yellow ship I liked but it was 10 million, I think I read somewhere that if you dismantle the upgrades on your current ship the new ship becomes cheaper.

Yeah, well that does not work, I went out of the space station & got attacked by pirates. I quickly upgraded what shields I could with the dismantled materials & legged it to the nearest planet. Got to a trading post and spent some credits upgrading my weapons on the starship.

There were three planets on gospvg - acorn electron but they were all pretty dull so I built another warp drive & went to the next star system. I got a notification about some anomaly in the galaxy which I have ignored for now.

Got to gospvg-atari ste, planet quartet & lemmings were boring the usual emeril & aluminium deposits. I then landed on planet dungeon master & it said the sentinels were hostile? What are they hiding I thought, I could not find anything so flew to the nearest trading post & saw these glowing white balls that had a green exclamation mark on them? Picked one up and my wanted level shot up to three & sentinels appeared out of nowhere including a dog-like creature. I just ran into the trading post praying they would not follow me inside. I forget what they are called but they are worth 27K each !!

Created a save point & called it a night. Will return to planet dungeon master soon to collect some more of these orbs. I need 10 million to buy that small yellow ship I want & get rid of my current tank.

Space battles (once you have the equipped shields & weapons) are really good fun.

Last but not least completed episode 2 of Walking Dead Michonne, it has some moments which really shock you & make you squirm a bit. One more episode to go which I should complete at some point this week.

Weekly Update – The Force Awakens

Started playing The Force Awakens with my youngest which is a good challenge in teaching her some basic gaming skills. It's going well so far we are up to chapter 3 & only a couple of time have come unstuck on what to do next?

The biggest issue at the moment which I can't figure out is if we only have two characters to choose from how can we swap so I can be BB8 & she can be Rey?

I also purchased Telltale Walking Dead Michonne in the current sale which is a three episode series, more of the same & no surprise yet having completed episode 1.

The big news is the return of Destiny !!

Again in the recent sale, the boys wanted it & I missed it a little bit.
It's good to be back playing with Hakk, Gus & the rllmuk guys.

Pokemon Go I am finding frustrating because the game now requires me to waste so many pokeballs catching a simple pokemon, I wasted 8 catching a Pidgey & lost 6 trying to catch a Squirttle. I'm not enjoying it anymore.

Clash Royale is going well I now have my commons up to level 9 & have broken into Arena 6 !!

Can't wait till next week No Man's Sky :)

Walking Dead – Season 2 – Completed

Took me a while to find the last episode the game kept on saying coming soon for Episode 5 & a search for Walking Dead on the console store could not find the latest episode. In the end I had to use the laptop to use the web storefront and add the latest episode to download.

No spoilers on the ending but I have no idea how Season 3 is going to start with the very different endings you can play out.

I'll most likely will end up jumping platform again, going to the PS4 for Season 3 so not sure how the save file can be moved over? Will probably have to roll the start a few times to get the season 2 ending I want.

I don't think I will be returning to Zelda Wind Waker (possible Shredder) anytime soon with Destiny arriving next week.

Walking Dead Season 2 – Platform Swap

I played the first series on the Xbox 360 but thanks to a recent Playstation store sale I purchased season 2 on the PS3. I did think about my season 1 save on the 360 but what the hell at less than a fiver I could not complain. The first three episodes have already been released so I downloaded these to enjoy over a few evenings last week.

The story continues with Clementine now a little bit older & stronger. I won't spoil the story but just to say that the first episode quickly introduces you to a new group of characters that will accompany Clementine through the challenges the zombie apocalypse throw at her. It is the same great story-telling that Telltale are now becoming masters of producing.

Episode 4 is due for release during July.

TV – What I’m watching?

Currently I'm watching the following shows

Doctor Who - Hoping Capaldi takes the role into a more serious note.

Person of Interest - Very apt in the light of PRISM

Sherlock - The new series with Benedict Cumberbatch is must watch TV.

Hell on Wheels - Western series about the construction of the US railroad.

Game of Thrones - Dragons, Wars & the White Walkers are coming !!

Mentalist - Jane is a psychic and after getting revenge on Red John he has now joined the FBI.

Sons of Anarchy - The trials & tribulations of a motorcycle club in the town of Charming.

Justified - Starring Timothy Olyphant who done a great job on Deadwood plays the part of a Kentucky sheriff.

Walking Dead - Zombies, zombies & more zombies !!

Arrow - Superhero shooting um ... arrows?

Big Bang Theory - The best comedy show since The IT Crowd.

Grimm - Just started watching this recently it's about supernatural beings and an investigate cop who can see them.

Revolution - Annoyingly has been cancelled after Season 2, I've watched Season 1 so will continue watching.

Rectify - After spending years on death row, Daniel is let out & returns to his hometown. This is really good the first series was only six episodes but I enjoyed it.

I've watched  a lot of tv series over the years Breaking Bad & Deadwood were amazing, Lost I got  um lost..? Fawlty Towers & IT Crowd are brilliantly funny but nothing annoys me more than when the US TV networks don't renew a series I am enjoying like Revolution, Jericho, Pushing Daisies, Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles, Stargate Universe & of course X-Files. This is why I usually never watch a new TV series until I know it has been renewed for Season 2. I wish the US networks would give a show they want to cancel a six episode final season run to tie up loose ends.

Walking Dead 400 Days – Completed

I thoroughly enjoyed the Walking Dead Season 1 (So much so that it went into my Top32), 400 days gives you 5 short stories, you can play in any order. I started with Vince who after committing a murder is on his way to prison when the outbreak occurs. You have to make a choice on which prisoner you want to sacrifice so you can escape. 

Next I went for Bonnie who is a recovering drug addict, she is chased through a cornfield & ends up killing one of the people who has helped her. Next I chose Wyatt’s story, he & his friend Eddie are being chased by someone when they hit someone, they stop to investigate but Wyatt has to leave Eddie behind because the mad man who was chasing them has caught up. 

Russell’s story starts with him walking the side of the road & is picked up by Nate, they arrive at a truck stop & are shot by the inhabitant. You then work your way around & have the choice to kill the shooter or not? The last story is that of Shel & her sister Becca who are in a group that live in the Truck stop from Russell’s story. You are forced to make a couple of deciding decisions on the fate of two people. 

The story then breaks to Tavia who is out on the road looking for survivors, it is her who is looking at the notice board at the start of the game. She follows some nearby smoke to a campsite where all of the previous characters are stationed. Following conversations some decide to leave with her & some don’t.

Firstly disappointed that the ending of season 1 where Clementine is looking at a field and notices some people (walkers) does not get mentioned, maybe that will link somehow to the people who stayed behind at the camp?

400 days is very short easily finished in an hour but I’m hungry for more so come on Season 2 !!

Walking Dead – Completed

I have never completed a point & click (join the dots) game, started a few over the years but always got bored with the gameplay element or the story has not been interesting enough to keep me interested.

Walking Dead had an advantage in its favour because I do enjoy watching the tv series & the game did not disappoint. You play as Lee and are on your way to jail when the zombie outbreaks starts. After running into a house to get away from some zombies you bump into Clementine & then begins your story. I don't want to spoil the game any further but just like in life your choices matter.

Looking forward to 400days the filler between season 1 & the next season of the game.

After Lego City, Journey & now Walking Dead, all three very impressive games offering new or improved experiences.

Now it’s time to drive with Forza Horizon.