Monthly Update – Household Chores

I played an April Fools on UGVM (facebook group) saying I have given up gaming, it's never going to happen but I may have some weekends like the one just gone where I do not get time to play the PS4 but mobile gaming will always give me a few minutes of fun.

It's a welcome return to Capitals which has finally been fixed, I was getting constant crashes when starting a new game.

Managed to get the Baby Dragon up to Lvl 5 in Clash Royale but still hovering around the 2750 trophy mark.

Tiny Rails has had another update with a Mexico & Central America area unlocked.

Ran out of pokeballs so had to do quite a bit of pokestop visits to top-up & I managed to catch a Vulpix which was loitering outside my house yesterday. With the time change & sunny days I expect quite a few trips to the local park with the kids to catch Pokemon.

The usual Carcassonne & Lost Cities complete the mobile gaming. Not touched the iPad much for gaming so have not gotten any further in Crashlands.

Good news on the PS4 front, I managed to finish off World of Final Fantasy, in the end I was way too over-leveled for the last boss fight & it was a breeze.

I've started going through the PS+ collection of games to enjoy some of the smaller titles on offer & have started with Tiny Troopers which is a top-down action shooter, you can level up the soldiers by completing missions but if they die in combat you either lose them or have to use medals to revive. It is a simple game & nothing too difficult but I like the character style & it's fun.

I did not purchase Mass Effect Andromeda in the end, the poor reviews put me off, the game obviously needs some more months to fix the various issues but was obviously rushed to release. I will wait on that & pick up later in the year.

Persona 5 is another game I want to enjoy but not purchasing anything at the moment, need to play what I already have on the shelf. I could not go from one JRPG to another so Final Fantasy 15 will have to wait, Abbas is playing XCOM2.

So I went back to have a quick look at my sell pile & decided to give Watch_Dogs 2 a try, gave myself an hour & to my surprise it was very enjoyable, you get to access to some new toys like a RC Car & Drone. There are lot's of side quests including taking selfies to go along with the beefier main missions. There is a lot of profanity in the game which is far too excessive but I enjoy the challenge of the main missions & trying to complete them by stealth.

I'm hoping with the Easter break to play quite a bit of this if I don't get distracted by Destiny of course!

Destiny 2 has been announced & I have pre-ordered the digital edition, September 8th Day 1 !

On that note, until next month keep on gaming.

Watch_Dogs – Completed

The last few levels of the game are very challenging & I failed the missions quite a few times before I managed to complete them. There are a variety of hacking, driving & pure chaos with cops chasing & shooting you.

It's a good game though, much better than I expected.

Next on my list is to finish off Knack & then enjoy MGSV Ground Zero.

I can't see me going back to the 360/PS3 anytime soon & thus have decided to scrap playing Forza Horizon 2 which I have not touched the past few weeks. I'm already beginning to wind down on the PS3/360 consoles.

Oh WiiU yes hello how are you?

Watch_Dogs – Side Missions

The Ubisoft recipe of a map full with icons is a tried & tested formula. It does however depend on what you need to do to clear these icons that is the important point. Watch_Dogs offers you some interesting tasks to enjoy.

Gang Hideouts are my favourite side mission, you have to infiltrate an area & knock out a target. You can use the local camera to find your target & then use hacking to disable reinforcements, explode batteries or interrupt communications.

Crimes detected are random open world events & they involve usually stopping a crime in progress by taking down the criminal, these can be extra difficult if the public contact the police.

I've not done any criminal convoys or fixer contract missions yet (apart from the campaign missions) because I'm waiting to unlock all of the skills to help me complete these side missions.

You also have Investigations icons on the map these mainly use your hacking skills & once you have completed a particular investigation it will result in a final mission for you to take down a criminal. I've completed the Human Trafficking, Missing Persons, Burner Phones & Weapons Trade investigations leaving QR Codes to yet complete.

If the above was not enough you have a bunch of collectibles from audio logs, song sneaks, privacy invasions to cTOS Breaches.

The game has received some negative press mainly due to the graphics downgrade from the E3 reveal The gameplay (driving excluded) is very good, I'm enjoying hacking & using stealth in combat to take out enemies.

Watch_Dogs – Kaboom !!

Mid Week Challenge 311214

Every Wednesday on UGVM someone (usually Zo) will post the MWC (Mid Week Challenge). Here you set yourself weekly challenges to encourage you to play. The following week you report back on how you done on the previous week challenges & set yourself some new challenges to try and complete.

This Week
1. Complete Knack - I think I've only got two chapters to go.
2. Reach Act 3 in Watch_Dogs - not sure how many story missions I need to complete. Keep getting side tracked by gang hideouts & various other icons.
3. Get back to playing Destiny - I've not played for over a week. PSN being down & holidays have messed up my gaming timetable.

New Game – Watch_Dogs

This should have been my release game with the PS4 but thanks to the last minute delay from Ubisoft I ended up with Killzone Shadow Fall instead which I did not really play & sold on. I played Watch_Dogs for a few hours yesterday & very quickly got sidetracked into unlocking the area map through the ctos towers & completing side quests like Gang Hideouts & the random crime events that appear.

First few hours impression, I enjoy the hacking, hate the driving of cars stick with motorbikes instead. Still disappointed that the main character has to use guns would have been amazing to play the game with just the Baton. I was mostly distracted by the stack of icons on the world map so will get back to the main campaign when I play next.