Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (PS4): COMPLETED!

In most ways, it’s more of the same. Of course, The Old Blood is a prequel to The New Order, so being set completely in 1946 means the more technologically advanced weapons and gadgets don’t make an appearance. There’s no laser cutter, for example.

The scope is a lot smaller too, with no space missions, giant tripods, or lightning powered mechs, but that’s not to say it’s dull. The big robot dogs make an appearance, and one of the game’s bosses does appear in a very Wolf 3D Mecha-Hitler way (it’s not Hitler though, I should say). Then of course there’s the zombie outbreak that covers most of the second half of the game…

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The main gameplay differences manifest in a new weapon: A two part pipe which BJ uses variously to climb walls, stab necks, use zipwires, crowbar things open, and wedge doors. Combat remains similar to The New Order, but I found the “kill the commander(s) otherwise the grunts keep spawning” sequences seemed to happen all the time. Especially in the first half of the game, in and around the actual Castle Wolfenstein itself. I’d started to tire of it well before I completed the game.

Another difference was that areas seemed to be much more open and larger than in the New Order (like the docks, or the town), or much more claustrophobic and narrow (like the caves and some areas of the castle).

The Old Blood is also quite a bit shorter than The New Order, but although I enjoyed it I wasn’t feeling it as much as the other game so I’m quite happy with it ending when it did. It’s still a great game, but not up there with The New Order.

As before, a complete playthrough:

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Wolfenstein: The New Order (PS4): COMPLETED!

I have said before that I’m not a big fan of first person shooters. I’m not totally against them, and there are many I have enjoyed over the years, but they’re largely ignored. Wolfenstein: The New Order, however, has a plot that interested me, got praise from a lot of people (some of whom also wouldn’t normally play FPS games), and is a followup to the original Wolfenstein 3D from way back when – which I really liked.

Then, thanks to cheap credit and offers, I picked it up for less than two quid on PSN. Definitely worth a go, right? And oh god yes. It’s brilliant.

Like the original (and probably the sequels and reboots since that have passed me by), you play as virtually indestructible soldier BJ Blazkowicz. A man who shrugs off gunshot wounds and being stabbed, and is capable of carrying round several tonnes of heavy weaponry at all times. The game opens in 1946 as you and your allies attempt to storm Deathshead’s castle, but things don’t go well and BJ ends up with shrapnel in his brain following an explosion. He’s treated in a Polish mental asylum for 14 years, drifting in and out of conciousness, until the Nazis come and shut the place down (and kill nearly everyone) where he “awakens” and escapes.

So begins the game properly, with BJ in 1960 trying to find the last remnants of the allied resistance, and then helping them strike back at the Nazis – and ultimately Deathshead himself. It might have an alternate history premise, but the plot is utterly insane. The resistance are hidden under a fountain in Berlin itself. There’s a guy tainting the Nazi “super concrete” (that they built all their cities with after the war), who is some sort of Jewish sage with the key to an ancient store of advanced technology (some of which the Nazis have already made use of – hence winning the war). The store? Under the sea, of course. So BJ has to steal a U-Boat, by hiding in a torpedo.

And then he goes into space.

Look, it all makes sense in the game, but the important thing is that as mad as the story gets, the gameplay is just perfect. It’s not all shooting Nazis with increasingly bigger guns, although that’s obviously a big part. There’s stealthy bits, fences to laser through, items to find, and completely over the top set pieces. Car chases, mechs, bits where you’re stripped of all your weapons. It never gets dull.

My only complaints would be that ammo seems to run out far too quickly, and there are a couple of sections (one on the bridge in particular) which are inordinately harder than the rest of the game. But that said, it’s still fantastic and I’ve the prequel – The Old Blood – lined up in preparation already.

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Completed – Wolfenstein The New Order

The game does eventually give you a sniper rifle, although you can only use it in very few levels. It's mainly assault rifle, shotgun or the LaserKraftWerk gun which the game has you use quite a bit, I hate it because it requires constant recharging.

I like that each level of the game offers you something different to enjoy (very much like Battlefield Bad Company 2) from different transports, using various machines to new locations.

The story continues at quite a rapid pace with quite a few boss fights along the way ultimately leading you the final showdown with Deathshead.

It's been good to break free from Destiny to enjoy some of my other games. Next on the list to finish off Knack with my daughter.

New Game – Wolfenstein New Order

Having broken free from Destiny I fired up Wolfenstein New Order. It starts off with a very long prologue at the end of which you have to make a choice. This choice determines the path your story will take & what skills unlock.

There are quite a few collectibles in the game, if you manage to find the area map early on it makes collecting these easy but on a few chapters I did not find the area map thus I have left quite a few of these collectibles behind. Thanks to the RAGE - gotta collect them all incident I have ignored these to focus on just enjoying the game.

Especially with my stealth style of play, the knife & silenced pistol are my favourite weapons. I have enjoyed completing missions without alerting a single enemy. I've yet to find a sniper rifle which would have made a couple of the levels easier. Occasionally I have failed in my stealth approach, I then resort to dual-wielding assault rifles or using the shotgun up close.

The story gives you an alternate-history with the Nazi's winning WW2, you meet up with a small resistance group & plan an attack on a research facility in London. This is where I am at the moment in the main campaign.