ugvm Charter

When a new Usenet newsgroup is created the proposers have to produce a document that explains what the new group will be used for. This is done by creating a charter.

If you really want to understand a newsgroup you should read its charter. The charter will explain the reasons the group was created, and how it was intended to be used. Once a newsgroup has been setup it helps new users understand exactly how the group operates.

Although ugvm is unmoderatted, if users don’t follow the charter they will quickly become unpopular and often have their posts blocked by other users. For example, let’s say that someone starts posting articles that are considered to be off-topic. In such cases, people can refer to the charter to determine which topics are suitable for that particular group.

The charter for is posted below, if you plan to use the group, please read this first. It’s not very long and it will help you avoid making any unintentional mistakes!

Charter of (Not Moderated)

Group for the UK-centric discussion of all aspects of the video-game industry, except those for which existing newsgroups exist in the* hierarchy.

Although the focus will primarily be the discussion of current gaming technology (including – but obviously not limited to – PCs, N64s, Saturns, Amigas), discussion of older systems are more than welcome.

Discussion of the publications available for the video-games user (whether printed or electronically published) is allowed.

Announcements of websites containing information relevant to the newsgroup (eg. tip sites, review sites, etc) are welcome.

Hints and tips would also be welcome, but should be indicated either in the subject line, or by adding a warning and sufficient “spoiler space” within the post.

“MCIBTYC” (My Computer/Console Is Better Than Your Computer/Console) flamewars are dull, pointless and therefore to be avoided at all costs.

The advertising of items for sale (whether as a commercial company, or as an individual) is banned. There is a uk.adverts.* hierarchy for that
kind of thing.

Posting of information relating to piracy or the illegal use of video games technology (mod-chips, etc) is banned.

Basic netiquette should be adhered to at all times. In short: Binary posting is banned, and attachments in other formats (eg. HTML, VCF, etc) are frowned-upon heavily, as are excessively long signature files.

Newsgroups line
————— UK-centric discussion of video games