30: Ryo’s Dirty Pocket

It’s Christmas and so we’ve a Christmas episode. Which isn’t very festive. But it only needs to be at Christmas to be Christmassy, right? Right.

This episode, deKay, Kendrick, Toby and Zo somehow manage to talk about things which aren’t Shenmue III (which was harder than it sounds), including the Xbox X Series XX X One X, Sony’s Back Button, how well that Stadia thing went down, Gamestop stop, and all of these games (none of which are very Christmassy but at least two of them have snow):

  • Shenmue III
  • Yakuza 7
  • Pokémon Sword
  • Celeste
  • Life is Strange 2
  • Black Mesa
  • Carrion
  • Sea of Thieves
  • Dance Dance Revolution Ace Twenty
  • Time Crisis 5
  • Street Fighter V

And then we impart all of the wisdom in a section we’re definitely not calling Listener Questions.

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P.S. Kendrick says to leave some comments in, well, in the comments.

29: Poundshop Garfield

Oh would you look at that – turns out deKay wasn’t lost after all, and he’s back at the helm this episode. Isn’t that great/awful depending on your tastes.

This episode, deKay, Toby and Zo are joined by special guests Mike Daw and Charlie Scott-Skinner off of Infinite State Games to talk about Actual Video Games (including theirs) with topics like Google Stadia, the end of Singstar, the RetroFlag GPi, New Improved Sonic, Netflix series Love, Death and Robots, and these games here:

  • Death Stranding
  • Heavy Rain
  • Starlink: Battle for Atlas
  • Jenny LeClue: Detectivú
  • Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice VR Edition
  • SteamWorld Dig 2
  • Ring Fit Adventure
  • Shenmue
  • Shenmue II
  • Golf Story
  • Darius Cozmic Collection
  • Hotline Miami Collection
  • Worbital
  • Monster Hunter Iceborne
  • They Were Billions

Plus some listener questions, like we’re people who know the answers.

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28: Reflecting and Reminiscing

There’s a change from the norm this episode as deKay has disappeared. We’ve looked everywhere with no success. He’ll probably turn up again at some point.

This episode, Zo, Luffer, Toby and Kendrick discuss the existence of PlayStation 5, Activision siding with the Chinese, and how to become a NASCAR champion without getting in a car. We also played some games, such as:

  • FIFA 20
  • Skyrim VR
  • Dark Souls Remastered
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  • iRacing
  • The Orville
  • Pilgrims
  • What the Golf?

We also answer the biggest questions with the Truth.

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27: Do You Have Fully Simulated Hip Movement

If this is your first episode, we’re so very, very sorry to waste your time. If you’re a regular listener, well, you do this to yourself.

This episode, deKay, Toby and Kendrick chat about recent gaming news including Yakuza 7, Apple Arcade, Minecraft Earth, Super Nintendo World and the not at all eyebrowraisingly named Ring Fit Adventure. And these games:

  • Judgment
  • Shenmue II
  • Astral Chain
  • River City Girls
  • Dead Cells
  • Everything

And then we answer some listener questions with The Best Answers.

Oh, and the River City Girls soundtrack is by Megan McDuffie.

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26: Where the Grass is Green and the Girls Are Pretty

Since it’s the summer (apparently) and everyone is on holiday, we’re a bit short staffed this episode.

Join deKay, Kendrick, and some approximation of Zo as they talk about Gamescom, the Mega Drive Mini, Death Stranding, Humankind, Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase, the Yakuza remasters news, an Avatar theme park ride (for some reason), and these games:

  • The Rainsdowne Players
  • PictoQuest: The Cursed Grids
  • Burnout Paradise Remastered
  • Atari Flashback Classics
  • Judgment

Plus the usual listener questions. As in, both usual because we usually do it, and usual because it’s mainly the usual listeners. They’re good questions though!

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25: Monumental Waste of Bandwidth

In a post E3 world, worthwhile news is hard to come by. Thank $deity that the Switch Lite was announced this week then, eh?

On this episode, deKay, Kendrick and Zo converse for your pleasure about Nintendo’s new console, some other tidbits of news, and actually sort of do some actual video game journalism with reports on both Amazon and Antstream. On top of that, there’s waffle on these precious, precious games:

  • Judgment
  • Phantasy Star Online
  • Phantasy Star Portable 2
  • Forza Horizon 4
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Plus some listener questions. What more could you want?

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Want to listen to our old episodes on Youtube for some inexplicable reason? Knock yourself out.

24: E3 2019 and Other Numbers

Seems that E3 thing came round again, so we thought we’d better tell you our picks of the games shown there. Join deKay, Niaz, Kendrick and Choobs as they completely ignore half the titles on display this year, and get excited about games we may never hear about ever again. It is, after all, E3.

In a change from our normal format, we’ve binned everything else from the podcast. It’s E3 E3 E3 all the way. You’re welcome.

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23: Randy Pitchfork, £20

Another episode? Why would we do that? You insist we pull another one out? What’s wrong with you? And other questions.

This episode, deKay, Zo, Kendrick and Toby chat about recent Sony announcements like their new film division and getting into bed with Microsoft, the Ouya (who?!) RIP, the next batch of announced Mega Drive Mini games, Steam Chat on iOS, the return of Judgment to stores in Japan, everyone’s favourite Gearbox “personality”, and some games:

  • Dauntless
  • Total War: Three Kingdoms
  • Ikaruga
  • Human Fall Flat
  • Time Crisis 4
  • Dragon’s Revenge
  • Demon’s Souls
  • Life is Strange 2
  • Gears of War Ultimate
  • Nier Automata
  • ToeJam & Earl: Panic on Funkotron
  • The Mystery of Woolley Mountain
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins

We also answer some listener questions and only get sidetracked a few times.

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22: Banana Near A Tomato

Oh isn’t it a lovely time for another episode of your favourite video game podcast? Failing that, why not try listening to this one instead? It’s alright.

In this episode, deKay, Kendrick, Zo and Toby talk about more news than they anticipated, including the Mega Drive Mini, Konami’s new game collections, the Valve Index, the Xbone SAD, the Sony Firestation 5, and a big ole pile of games including these:

  • Demon’s Tilt
  • Persona 5 Scramble
  • Civilisation VI
  • Iconoclasts
  • Phantasy Star IV
  • Final Assault
  • Devil’s Crush
  • SNK 40th Anniversary
  • Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
  • Nier Automata

And many, many minutes of absolute drivel including answers to some of your (yes, your!) questions.

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21: Bum Stimulator

No, you are in the right place for Episode 21 of the world-famous ugvm Podcast! Brought to you with only the finest, freshest ingredients, direct to your aural face holes.

In this episode, deKay, Toby, Zo and Kendrick discuss the Physics Defying Google Stadia, the Ad Stripping Apple Arcade, the Saga Ending ZX Vega+, the Coke Taking Pierre Taki, the Face Sitting Switch VR, the Good Eatin’ Overwatch Cookbook, and the Click Baiting Bum Simulator. Those important things, and these games of assorted type:

  • Crackdown 3
  • Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice
  • Life is Strange 2: Episode 2
  • God Eater 2
  • God Eater 3: Tokyo Drift
  • Operation Babel
  • Tokyo Xanadu
  • Strange Brigade
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • Phantasy Star III
  • Saboteur!
  • Baba is You

Plus we answer your questions (assuming you’re one of the people who sent some in), talk utter nonsense, and lay down some Facts.

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