Telltale Game of Thrones – Completed

Managed to find a bit of time this weekend to sit down and play through the remaining episodes.

In true Game of Thrones style there are some shock sequences & not much in the way of happy endings.

Like most Telltale games if you enjoy the original content then you will enjoy the experience.

Season 1 completed.

Not sure what I'm going to play next, maybe DriveClub or part 2 of MGS V?

New Game – Telltale Game of Thrones

With no luck in the fifa packs for a TOTY player, I decided to leave Fifa & start playing Telltale's Game of Thrones instead.

Quite a short episode only a couple of hours but some very good moments including a meeting with Ramsay Bolton.

My only annoyance with the telltale games is the timer on the dialogue options, I just wished it was not in the game thus allowing the player more time to decide which dialogue option they wish to choose.

Also started Borderlands Pre Sequel which now has a local four-player option so should be fun & chaotic. Need to get back to Metal Gear Solid V & DriveClub at some point but I expect this weekend will be mostly Borderlands & hopefully Episode 2 of Game of Thrones.

TV – What I’m watching?

Currently I'm watching the following shows

Doctor Who - Hoping Capaldi takes the role into a more serious note.

Person of Interest - Very apt in the light of PRISM

Sherlock - The new series with Benedict Cumberbatch is must watch TV.

Hell on Wheels - Western series about the construction of the US railroad.

Game of Thrones - Dragons, Wars & the White Walkers are coming !!

Mentalist - Jane is a psychic and after getting revenge on Red John he has now joined the FBI.

Sons of Anarchy - The trials & tribulations of a motorcycle club in the town of Charming.

Justified - Starring Timothy Olyphant who done a great job on Deadwood plays the part of a Kentucky sheriff.

Walking Dead - Zombies, zombies & more zombies !!

Arrow - Superhero shooting um ... arrows?

Big Bang Theory - The best comedy show since The IT Crowd.

Grimm - Just started watching this recently it's about supernatural beings and an investigate cop who can see them.

Revolution - Annoyingly has been cancelled after Season 2, I've watched Season 1 so will continue watching.

Rectify - After spending years on death row, Daniel is let out & returns to his hometown. This is really good the first series was only six episodes but I enjoyed it.

I've watched  a lot of tv series over the years Breaking Bad & Deadwood were amazing, Lost I got  um lost..? Fawlty Towers & IT Crowd are brilliantly funny but nothing annoys me more than when the US TV networks don't renew a series I am enjoying like Revolution, Jericho, Pushing Daisies, Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles, Stargate Universe & of course X-Files. This is why I usually never watch a new TV series until I know it has been renewed for Season 2. I wish the US networks would give a show they want to cancel a six episode final season run to tie up loose ends.